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Saturday, November 7, 2015

[ARC REVIEW] The Yearbook by Carol Masciola

The Yearbook

Author: Carol Masciola
Genre: YA Historical Fiction
ARC Source: Author
Expected publication: November 15th, 2015 by Merit Press/FW Media
Purchase from: Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble
Misfit teen Lola Lundy falls asleep in a storage room in her high school library and wakes up to find herself 80 years in the past. The Fall Frolic dance is going full blast in the gym, and there she makes an instant connection with the brainy and provocative Peter Hemmings, class of ’24. His face is familiar, and she realizes she’s seen his senior portrait in a ragged old yearbook in the storage room. By the end of the dance, Lola begins to see a way out of her disastrous Twenty First Century life: She’ll make a new future for herself in the past. But major mental illness lies in Lola’s family background. Has she slipped through a crack in time, or into an elaborate, romantic hallucination based on the contents of an old yearbook?


My thoughts

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Carol!*

Carol Masciola's The Yearbook is a compelling read. I don't usually read historical fiction but this one kept my eyes glued to the pages. And time travel! Yay!

First off, I really enjoyed the story. I liked the unpredictability and the mystery surrounding Lola's time travel. It's something she didn't expect and couldn't control, so it's very interesting to read. I would just have wanted to know more about how the 'portal' works, but really, glitches in the matrix are not something you could just wrap your head around. 

The start was kinda slow, but once the plot picked up, it's all uphill from there. The Yearbook has a very intriguing story that will fascinate even readers who don't usually venture into the historical fiction genre.

The characters were also wonderful, especially the 1920's people. They were funny and cool and adorable. Whoopsie was an especially remarkable character. I love this girl! Lola, although a lonely teen, was strong and head-smart. I liked how she easily adapted into the 1920s and found a way to start a new life. Peter was a love interest you'd easily like. He's also smart, very curious and understanding.

The world-building was good and I liked how the author painted the 1920s in my mind. The places and the 1920s fashion were described in such detail that it was delightful to imagine.

I liked the romance between Lola and Peter. It's actually sweet without being over-the-top cheesy and clichéd. While there's instalove present, I kinda understand how Lola could instantly feel attached to a person who showed her kindness in an unfamiliar time and place.

And I absolutely loved the ending! It was brilliant! For the second half or so, I COULDN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN. I was thinking of a lot of ways things could end badly, especially with an unpredictable story like this. I couldn't decide whether the time travel was real or Lola was just really hallucinating. But Carol Masciola weaved everything into perfection. It was beautiful and heartwarming. I couldn't have asked for a better ending.

The Yearbook exceeded my expectations. It was really good and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 
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