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Sunday, October 18, 2015

[REVIEW] Weird by Theresa M. Jones


Author: Theresa M. Jones
Genre: Middle Grade Magical Realism
Published: September 7th 2015
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Every time twelve year old Aislin sleeps, she experiences another person’s DREAMS, their hopes or despairs, loves or hates, most fervent dreams, or darkest nightmares. She is weird, a word she hates more than anything else. Though, when her little brother, Luke, the only person in the world who treats her normal, gets into a car accident, her only hope of saving him is her ability to communicate with him while he dreams.

It isn’t until she dreams with Jessica, another coma patient and her best friend’s little sister, that she discovers her chance to save him. After Aislin guides Jessica back to the waking world, she opens her eyes to find her plan gone horribly awry, and Jessica dead.

Devastated, Aislin must find a way to stop dreaming altogether or somehow perfect it, before she kills her brother, too.

While funny and charming, this Middle Grade Novel deals with some serious issues, and provides much for parents and children to discuss.

Some scary situations, bullying, and reality of car accidents make this appropriate for children 6 and older, but may be more appropriate for children 9-13 years old.


My thoughts

*I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.*
"It's the differences in the world that make anything worthwhile."
Weird was a good kind of weird. While it contains magical realism, this book touches on very real issues on family, friendship, and self-acceptance.

I liked the main character, Aislin. She's not always nice, but she's a loving daughter and sister. I loved how much she wants to save her little brother although she isn't sure what to do. She knows she's different and she hates being called 'weird', but she seems to take it all in stride. It isn't easy for her to experience other people's dreams, but she handles it well. Aislin is a brave kid. And she's a huge bookworm, so bonus points for her. :)
"There was nothing worse than being bored out of your freaking mind and not having a book to read, especially when you're in the middle of a good book, and you just forgot to bring it with you."
The writing did not suit me, though. It somehow felt juvenile, although I'm not sure if it's because this is a Middle-Grade novel and the narrator was a younger teen. I was also quite disappointed because I was expecting this to be some dark and eerie story. I mean, look at the cover! The blood and the teaser were pretty suggestive. The pacing was good, however, and I really liked the story. The twist at the end was a pleasant surprise, too. I only wished Aislin and Zane's friendship was explored more. I absolutely loved that they instantly bonded over books. Hurray for bookish friends!

I don't read a lot of MG novels, but Weird is actually okay. I think what the book is trying to convey is that being weird is not a bad thing, and Aislin was able to realize that. She has a good heart, and that helped her save lives. Perhaps this book would be perfect for younger teens who hate being different and feel like they're outcasts. I hope they would see themselves in Aislin and realize that it's okay to be weird.
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