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Friday, October 2, 2015

[BOOK BLITZ] Cut by Kathleen Mareé

Remember the guest review of When It Rains by Lisa De Jong posted last week? It was contributed by newbie author Kathleen Mareé and today I'm featuring Kathleen's book on the blog! Her debut novel, Cut, was released yesterday, October 1, so go ahead and congratulate Kathleen! (This is actually supposed to be posted yesterday as a release blitz, but I got home late last night so I wasn't able to post. Sorry, Kathleen!) Read the teasers and an excerpt from her novel below.


Author: Kathleen Mareé
Genre: New Adult
Published: October 1st 2015
Purchase from: Amazon | Kobo | Itunes | Barnes & Noble
"When he is unguarded, he is addictive."

Penelope Price is a young woman who is utterly scarred and broken. She has been Cut.

A nightclub in Sydney leads to a strange encounter with Jay, a musician who at first meeting seems dangerous, but for unknown reasons there is an unconscious draw. The sudden return of her ex, Evan, who is persistent to fill in the reasons for their demise, exposes the shocking truth. Will her wound ever heal?


"Penelope, I have to go."

In a daze I just keep staring, not moving an inch, barely even blinking.

"I want you to tell me that you are alright, before I will leave you," he pleads. Still not really putting coherent thoughts together, I force a smile to my mouth automatically in response and soften my gaze upon his.

"I'll be fine."

His expression is torn, but my words seem to be enough for him to rationalise that he is fine to go. He forces a tiny smile, mimicking mine.

"I will call you," he replies as his breath blows sensually out over my mouth - the scent beyond exhilarating to inhale. His face dips towards mine, still grasping my chin and places a firm yet intricate kiss on the very corner of my mouth. It lingers for a moment before he hastily pulls away, dropping his secure hold and standing all at the same time. Before I can manage a thought or response, he abruptly heads out of the lounge room and into the lobby. Mere seconds later, I hear the faint click of the entrance door.

He was gone.

Praise for Cut

"I loved this book. I was sucked in right from the beginning, and didn't want to put it down..." - Amanda'sBookshelf
"Kathleen writes in such a way... that you forget you're reading and just get lost in the story.." - Skye'sBookBlog

Meet the Author

Kathleen Mareé

"From the earliest age I was a born storyteller. Ask my parents and they will tell you I had a gift for making a simple event seem like an elaborate one. It was my imaginary world that initially led me to believe I wanted to be an actor. However, after becoming quite uncomfortable with the limelight - it quickly saw that dream diminish.

Years later, I am a wife, mother of two young boys and sometimes hockey wag ;). When I am not busy being one of those three things, I work Monday to Friday, read a novel a night, love fitness and try to find the time to write. "
author image

Julie @ Books and Insomnia

Julie is a Filipina blogger who pretends she has insomnia so she can stay up late reading. When she's not buried in books, she can be found watching anime, drinking chocolate-flavored instant coffee, lurking on the internet, daydreaming and talking about herself in third person. She loves purple and anything sweet!

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