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Thursday, September 24, 2015

[GUEST REVIEW] When It Rains by Lisa De Jong

Howdy, guys! Today, we have a guest reviewer on the blog – newbie author Kathleen Mareé (a round of applause for her, please, thank you) and she reviewed When It Rains by Lisa de Jong. I haven't read this book yet, but I've heard good things. ^__^ You can find a short bio on Kathleen and her debut novel below.

When It Rains

Author: Lisa De Jong
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Series: Book 1, Rains series
Published: September 25th 2013
Purchase from: Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble
One night changed my life forever.

Beau Bennett has been my best friend since I can remember. He was my first crush before everything came crashing down, and now he wants more, but it's more than I can give him. Things are different now. I wish I could tell him why, but I can't.

I haven’t told anyone.

I never knew how much I really needed him until the day he left for college, and I was completely alone.

Then one day, Asher Hunt rides into town with his dark, captivating eyes and cocky grin. He doesn't care who I used to be, he's simply breathing life into what’s left. People warn me to stay away from him, but he helps me forget the pain that has held me hostage for so long; something I thought was impossible before he walked into my life.

I’ve been hurt.

I’ve been saved.

And I’ve found hope.

I thought my story was written that night, but now I know it was only a new beginning. Until one secret turns my world upside down…



My thoughts

So I may be a little late to the party with this one, as it was published in 2013. But for those that know me well, I am always in search of those smouldering book boyfriends that we just have to know more about. Yes, we all know - I love love. 

One thing you may not know, is I am not a fan of tear jerkers. Whilst it isn't the fact that I get emotional over a book nor the fact that I end up with mascara down my face and all over my clothes. No. Not at all. I guess it's the fact that I read to escape the daily grind and to feel good. Just like when you choose to go on a holiday to have a break from your reality. Let's not pretend how much it would suck if you spent your entire vacation blubbering like a baby ;) So this brings me to When It Rains. Prepare yourself. It. Is. A. Tearjerker. 

I wasn't expecting this at all. The story follows Kate and her bestie Beau, that is honestly the sweetest guy in the world. He loves her. She loves him. But she isn't ready for him to know her in that way yet. She has a past she needs to overcome first that she doesn't feel she can do with him by her side. When he goes off to college, she meets a new mystery guy called Asher. On the outside, he appears like he is not right for her - but he too, is the sweetest guy in town. Yes, I know what you are all thinking. Where are of these sweet guys in our towns?!? 

Anyway, this story has some nice twists and explores possibilities of love, soul mates, and how certain people are just right for certain times of your life. A different and did I mention teary?? story that really crawled its way into my heart; despite being drowned by salty tears. ;)

Guest Reviewer

Kathleen Mareé
Tell us a little about yourself. 
I am a wife, mother of two young boys and sometimes hockey wag ;). When I am not busy being one of those three things, I work Monday to Friday, read a novel in a night, love fitness and try and find the time to write.

What inspired you to write Cut?
The core story of Cut has been in my mind for quite a long time. I actually completed this novel about two years ago but just never intended to publish it. I joined a book club earlier this year and my novel came up in one of our discussions; and after weeks of nagging me yes nagging me ;) to read it, I caved. Their enthusiasm and positive feedback encouraged me to put it out there and so I did! Without that moment, I honestly don’t think it would have happened

Who are your favourite authors and what book are you currently reading?
Well, I have been reading non-stop lately, probably too much considering I have a novel to finish! But anything in the contemporary and new adult genre which has an element of romance – I enjoy reading. I blog about my recent reads on my website, so feel free to check it out!

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?
Readers can follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter or even pinterest social media obsessed ;) Otherwise you can follow my blog on my website –
Cut (Cut #1) will be released on October 1st 2015
See the book on Goodreads & Amazon
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