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Sunday, August 9, 2015

[REVIEW] The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace

The Storyspinner

Author: Becky Wallace
Genre: YA Fantasy
Series: Book 1, The Keeper's Chronicles
Published: March 3rd 2015 by Margaret K. McElderry
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Drama and danger abound in this fantasy realm where dukes play a game for the throne, magical warriors race to find the missing heir, and romance blossoms where it is least expected.

In a world where dukes plot their way to the throne, a Performer’s life can get tricky. And in Johanna Von Arlo’s case, it can be fatal. Expelled from her troupe after her father’s death, Johanna is forced to work for the handsome Lord Rafael DeSilva. Too bad they don’t get along. But while Johanna’s father’s death was deemed an accident, the Keepers aren’t so sure.

The Keepers, a race of people with magical abilities, are on a quest to find the princess—the same princess who is supposed to be dead and whose throne the dukes are fighting over. But they aren’t the only ones looking for her. And in the wake of their search, murdered girls keep turning up—girls who look exactly like the princess, and exactly like Johanna.

With dukes, Keepers, and a killer all after the princess, Johanna finds herself caught up in political machinations for the throne, threats on her life, and an unexpected romance that could change everything.


My thoughts


Oh my, The Storyspinner is just magical. The author weaves a brilliant, complex tale of magic, secrets, murder, and romance. The world-building is excellent, the characters are unique and interesting, and the story is really, really good. I was a bit wary of the multiple third-person POVs at first, but once I got the hang of it, it worked well. The transition is smooth and not confusing. It's an effective storytelling method since there are several crucial characters. The writing is also vivid and I often found myself amazed with Johanna's Storytelling and the Keepers' powers.

The characters of this book are a dynamic bunch. Johanna is strong and independent, and she's a loving daughter and sister. Also, I liked that she has short hair. I don't get that a lot in female MCs. Rafi is quite swoon-worthy. He seemed uptight and distant at first, but he's a real gentleman and a good person. Jacaré is quite a complex character. He's a great leader and companion, but there's a hint of a tragic backstory there. Ooohh, intriguing. Pira is one kick-ass babe and I adore her. She's a bit proud and reserved, and I wished there was more Pira and her magic in this book. And Leão! He's one of my book boyfriends now! I love how humble and unassuming he is, even though Jacaré says he's really powerful. And he's so endearingly innocent, it's hilarious.
"Some of them may hesitate to speak with an attached man," Tex continued. "But any of them would sell their mother for a chance to talk to you, boy."
Leão's eyebrows disappeared into the white-blond fuzz of his hairline. "They sell their mothers on this side of the wall?"
"It's an expression," Pira explained with an eye roll.

And the romance! Johanna and Rafi are so cute together. I love how they met (I found that funny although Johanna definitely thinks otherwise), and how their relationship progressed – from hesitant friendship to an almost romance. I say 'almost' because even though there's an obvious attraction between them, there's still no actual falling in love thing. I can't wait to see more of them in the second book. Leão and Pira are also so darn adorable! I love the tension between the two, and it's intensified with their denial. Their banterings are so funny and cute. Eek! I SHIP THEE!!

Okay, so the revelation is somehow predictable. I totally saw that coming right from the start. Seriously, you'd even get that from the blurb. Predictability aside, though, this book made up for it by the amazing way it was delivered and the added elements.

And what are FEELINGS? Chapter 77 was like a punch in the gut. Why did you have to do that, Becky Wallace?! WHYYYYY???!!!

The ending was... I don't know. I mean, bam! it just ended. Randomly. I knew it was nearing the end of the book, but I didn't expect that it will end right there. I need me some good ending!

But all in all, this book is amazing! Magic and romance and action! I love the writing, I love the story, I love the characters. The Storyspinner is definitely a winner!
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