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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Rambling [#4]: Replying to Comments on YOUR Blog

Weekend Rambling is where I discuss/rant/ramble about random things, bookish or non-bookish alike. Everyone's welcome to share their thoughts!

It's been a while, you guys! How have you been? Me, I'm just so glad that the heat's finally letting up. It's been raining here in the Philippines these past few days, although it's still fairly hot during the day. But at least it's not as hot as it's been since the beginning of summer. Here comes the rainy season! Yay! And you know what else is new? Today's Weekend Rambling topic!

Replying to Comments on YOUR Blog

Okay, so as bloggers, we looooove getting comments. We live off them. We even bribe our family and friends to leave comments on our blog. Sometimes even random strangers, right? Or not. (Am I the only one doing this? Oops.) But seriously though, it's quite fulfilling to know that people actually read what we post and take the time to leave comments. But do we also take the time to read these comments AND reply to them? I know this topic has been discussed on so many blogs since blogging was invented, but today I'd like to give my opinions both as a blogger and as a commenter.

As a blogger: Me, personally, I always see to it that I reply to the comments on my blog posts, especially on reviews and discussions (like this one). If not, I visit the commenter's blog and comment back. BUT it's always one or the other or BOTH. I reply, visit the blog and comment back. This is what I usually do when I'm not too busy. I only get a handful of comments per blog post so it's fairly easy to keep track of and engage to every one of them. (There are times when I really don't know what to reply to a comment so I do the latter option.)

I know some blogs don't have commenting platforms that inform you if your comment got a reply, but some do. I recently installed Disqus on the blog, because I'd like my readers to be notified whenever I replied to their comments. I like them to know that I actually read their comments and that their opinions matter. It's my own way of making my readers feel appreciated.

As a reader/commenter: When you comment on blogs, do you just leave your comment, hit 'Post' then close the tab, forget about it and move on to other blogs? Or do you visit the blog post again after a few days and check if the author/blogger has replied to your comment? I must admit I've done both BUT if the blog post is something I was really interested in, I leave a lengthy and possibly crazy-sounding comment then I become stalker-ish and obsessively check the blog post for the next few days if the blogger has replied to my profession of undying love. ^__^ Although, like I said, there are platforms that notify you if your comment got a reply, so usually I don't go all crazy like that. (This is also why I installed Disqus; I liked that they send email notifications regarding your comments on blogs.)

One awesome blogger I admire when it comes to interacting with readers is Anna @ the herding cats & burning soup. She almost always replies to comments on her blog, people. Her posts can get up to a hundred comments and she answers to most, if not all, of them. I mean, we don't have the same taste in books and I don't think I've ever commented on her review posts, but when I visit her blog, I always find something interesting to comment on. (Her posts are hilarious, btw.) And my heart goes all fluttery whenever I receive an email notification that my comment on her blog has a reply. See? That makes me feel special even though I know a hundred more of her readers get the same treatment from her.

I'm not bashing or judging those bloggers who don't really reply to comments on their blog. Maybe they're too busy. Some bloggers get tons of comments that I imagine it'll be really hard to reply to them one by one. Maybe they don't reply to comments but comment back in their readers' blogs instead; I'm cool with it. Nothing stops me from commenting on blog posts if I really want to. But you know, as a reader and commenter, it's nice to know that the bloggers have really read what I think of their blog post. Maybe they have, maybe they haven't. I really won't know for sure, unless a) I get stalker-ish or b) I get a notification about a comment reply, right? But either way, I get all giddy when they do actually reply, even if it's just to say thanks. Those little things can really make my day. ^__^

Enough of my lengthy rambling, it's your turn to speak up! As a blogger, do you reply to comments on your blog? What commenting system/platform do you use? And as a commenter, do you check back if the blogger has replied to your comment? Do you think I shouldn't be allowed near a computer because of my stalker tendencies? Are you afraid of me now? Leave your thoughts away! Happy weekend, everyone! ^__^

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  1. I do reply to all of the comments on my blog because I love to interact with people, but I can see if it sometimes would get difficult.


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