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Thursday, July 24, 2014

[REVIEW] Exodus 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett

Exodus 2022

Author: Kenneth G. Bennett
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Paranormal
Published: May 20th 2014 by Booktrope Publishing
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Joe Stanton is in agony. Out of his mind over the death of his young daughter. Or so it seems.

Unable to contain his grief, Joe loses control in public, screaming his daughter’s name and causing a huge scene at a hotel on San Juan Island in Washington State. Thing is, Joe Stanton doesn’t have a daughter. Never did. And when the authorities arrive they blame the 28-year-old’s outburst on drugs.

What they don’t yet know is that others up and down the Pacific coast—from the Bering Sea to the Puget Sound—are suffering identical, always fatal mental breakdowns.

With the help of his girlfriend—the woman he loves and dreams of marrying—Joe struggles to unravel the meaning of the hallucination destroying his mind. As the couple begins to perceive its significance—and Joe’s role in a looming global calamity—they must also outwit a billionaire weapons contractor bent on exploiting Joe’s newfound understanding of the cosmos, and outlast the time bomb ticking in Joe’s brain.

Brilliant! This book is really something. I really enjoyed reading Exodus 2022 despite the fact that it's not really the kind of book I usually read. At first I thought it would be too heavy of a sci-fi for me. But actually, not only was it well-written but it was also an enjoyable and intelligent read.

The characters were good and effective, especially Beck. He may be the villain in the story but his character came across as the strongest. And what a villain he was. I always got anxious every time he's in the scene, like something bad's always going to happen because of him. That's how good of a villain he was. Joe and Ella were also great. I liked how strong they were even in the midst of violence, pain, confusion, and unfathomable events. Their love and loyalty to each other were admirable.

The paranormal aspect of the book was quite intriguing. The identity of Lorna Gwin's mother was a pleasant surprise. The concept that they could communicate with humans was very amusing and unique. And a lot of the scenes in the book kept me at the edge of my seat. It was a thrilling experience reading this book. My only complaint was that sometimes the jargon was too much that I found myself overwhelmed with technical terms. But aside from the occasional information overload, Exodus 2022 was awesome.

I especially liked that aside from the fiction and entertainment value, Exodus 2022 also tackles an environmental issue. The book is informative and thought-provoking. An eye-opener. It will make you think  twice about the things we do to our environment. It will make you appreciate our natural resources more. And I wish people in power will also read this book because I believe Exodus 2022 can be influential in the decisions they will make regarding the future of the world.

Four out of five stars because I totally enjoyed this book. It was really good. Like, I-stayed-up-all-night-reading-because-I-can't-put-it-down good.

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