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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[ARC REVIEW] All Those Broken Angels by Peter Adam Salomon

All Those Broken Angels

Author: Peter Adam Salomon
Genre: YA Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery
Expected publication: September 8th 2014 by Flux
ARC Source: Publisher through Netgalley
Pre-order from: Amazon | The Book Depository

Comforted by a shadow. Haunted by the truth.

Richard Anderson was the last person to see his friend Melanie alive. She vanished when they were six and while the police never found Melanie, a part of her remained—a living shadow that is now Richard’s closest friend.

For ten years, Richard has never questioned the shadow that keeps him company . . . until a new girl moves to town, claiming to be Melanie. Desperate to prove the girl is a fake, the shadow leads Richard to the place where her killer buried her bones. But Richard finds skeletons from several different children . . . and evidence suggesting that perhaps the shadow isn't who she says she is.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. All Those Broken Angels wasn't horrible, really. I guess I just expected too much and it fell short of my expectations.

First of all, I liked the writing. This book is written so beautifully, there's no doubt about that. The words have a poetic quality to them and it greatly added to the overall mysterious effect of the novel.

But my fondness for this book ends there.

I was just confused most of the time. I couldn't follow where the story was leading. Richard wasn't much of a storyteller. Everything was gloomy, but if you were haunted by the shadow of your long-dead best friend, I guess it can't be helped. I also did not understand Melanie's story. It was hard to keep track of the events that led to her disappearance and return. The connections between the different characters were a bit vague, though Logan's participation in everything was actually a surprise. That was something that caught me off guard.

One thing that drew me into requesting All Those Broken Angels from Netgalley was the assumption that there was some serial killing involved and that Richard sort of helped resolve the mystery. But disappointingly, the serial killing thing wasn't explored until much later and it was a bit downplayed. The creepiness factor was definitely there but it wasn't enough to really hook me into the story.

I actually lost interest towards the end of the book so it all became muddy to me. But I think I wasn't missing much since there's not much to see all throughout the book. Others may enjoy All Those Broken Angels but it was definitely not for me.

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