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Sunday, November 17, 2013

[REVIEW] Asphodel by Lauren Hammond


Author: Lauren Hammond
Genre: YA Fantasy, Mythology
Series: The Underworld Trilogy, Book 1
Published: December 20th 2011 by S.B. Addison Books
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Persephone has been running for her entire life. Running from the humans to keep her immortality a secret. And running from a man who haunts her dreams. Not a man but a god, who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. And what he wants most, is her.

Trapped in the realm of the dead, Persephone plans to return to the land of the living. The underworld is a terrifying place where ghosts roam freely, three headed dogs patrol the gates, and it’s a living grave where the rules of earth and the warmth of the sun no longer apply. But then, something unexpected happens. Persephone finds herself falling for the god who abducted her, the god who has chased her for five thousand years, a god who is none other than death himself, Hades.

Ripped out of the underworld by Zeus, Persephone must find a pomegranate to return to the realm of the dead and to her beloved. Consuming only a seed of the fruit of the dead would bind Persephone to spend her life beneath the earth’s core with Hades. But Zeus has reduced every pomegranate tree in the world to ash. Except one. Persephone must locate that one remaining pomegranate tree, a quest that could ignite a war between the two mightiest of the god’s. A war that could cause Persephone to lose the only family she’s ever known or give up a love that comes only once every five thousand years.

I’ve never met a more pathetic goddess than ASPHODEL’S Persephone. She’s so clueless about everything, it was so frustrating! You’d think that because she’s a goddess, she’d at least know her and the other deities’ history. But noooo! She doesn’t know that pomegranate is the fruit of the dead, she doesn’t know that Charon doesn’t ferry anyone across the River Styx without payment, she doesn’t know a thing about Hades except what her mother told her, of which half was crap. Seriously, Persephone? Just because you’ve been away from Greece the last five thousand years doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant of your history. Maybe Demeter should be the one to blame since she took Persephone away from the home of the gods, but hey, how ignorant can you get to know little to nothing about your own ancestry? And as if Persephone wasn’t enough to make me want to strangle myself while reading this book, the other characters were on different levels of annoying. Demeter was this control freak of a mother who doesn’t trust her own daughter enough to tell her the truth. Zeus was being Zeus – the absentee father who only interferes with his children’s lives when things were looking bad for him. Hades was surprising, though. It’s no secret that the reason why Hades wants Persephone was because he’s lonely and wants a queen. But he’s as moody as a PMSing girl. One moment he’s cold and cranky, the next he’s sweet and gentle. Talk about unpredictable. I also don’t get Adonis. Obviously, he’s not what he appears to be, but why the hell is he there? I guess that’s what sequels are for but I’m not gonna find out why because I’m not reading the next book. Fans of ASPHODEL might want to kill me for saying this but hey, if you haven’t read this book yet, don’t even bother.

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