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Friday, May 24, 2013

{REVIEW} The K-Pro by M. Pepper Langlinais

The K-Pro

Author: M. Pepper Langlinais
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythology
Published: March 26th 2013 by Createspace
Source: Author
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What does the girl who can make wishes come true give to the man who has everything?

Andra Martineau is no ordinary young woman. She's a KlĂȘidouchos Propylaia (K-Pro for short), which means she has the unique ability to help certain people get exactly what they want. And Andra is good at her job--her clients have gone on to become a veritable who's who of the rich-and-famous.

David Styles is an up-and-coming actor with everything going for him: looks, talent, and countless beautiful women vying for his attention. But when Andra turns up in his bed demanding to know what he wants, his perfect world starts to spiral out of control. And it's not just his reputation on the line--what David doesn't know can certainly harm him, in ways he couldn't possibly begin to imagine.

With the help of David's incorrigible costar, Andra begins to realize not only her own true nature, but David's hidden identity as well. Andra is forced to battle not only her attraction to David (and she never gets involved with clients), but the being within him that wants to take away everything she holds dear.

As David continues to lose himself to the strengthening form within him, Andra navigates the jealousies of the film's director and David's would-be paramour in an effort to save him.

She can make others' wishes come true . . . But can she grant her own?

Funny, readable, and populated with a host of entertaining personalities, The K-Pro is a fast-paced contemporary fantasy with a paranormal twist.

** I'd like to thank the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. **

Simple but creatively written, The K-Pro offers an interesting premise that delivers. It’s one of the unusual books I’ve read so far this year and I enjoyed it well enough to say that it’s a good read. 

The concept was really catchy. A girl who can make wishes come true? Sounds like a fairy godmother, right? But this book is not your average fairy tale. Heck, it’s not a fairy tale, period. The contemporary setting and mature characters give an intriguing twist to the fantasy genre we’re familiar to. Add a backdrop of ancient mythology and voila! You get a book that appeals to fans of fantasy and mythology, teens and adult readers alike.

The characters are interesting. The different personalities of the characters blended together but made each one unique. My personal favorite is Alfred because although he’s a secondary character, he has a good sense of humor that makes him stand out. His personality is even more colorful than the main characters David and Andra. David is too stiff for my liking and I can’t connect with Andra. And although this book is supposedly about a K-Pro, I didn't quite grasp the idea what a K-Pro is. I get it that they can grant people what they want, but it wasn't exactly explained HOW K-Pros do that. I wish it was explored more so as to give me a picture of what Andra really do. 

The other characters also added spice to the story. It was enjoyable reading about Liz, Craig and Mac. Mac’s connection to Andra though, was vague and I was curious to know more why he wanted to keep her around. Craig, as invisible as he is, was quite funny and I pity and admire him at the same time for taking his job seriously even though no one seems to notice him. The others, like Henry, Walter and Tina are unnecessary, in my opinion. I don’t think they contribute much to the story and they’re pretty much forgettable. 

I cannot say anything about the writing except that it’s clever and creative. The author sure knows how to play with words and use them for maximum effect. 

The setting is contemporary and takes place in a film shooting. I think it’s reasonable since the characters David and Alfred are movie stars. 

However, since I am more into fast-paced action type of books, I found The K-Pro somewhat slow. It took quite some time for the stuffs to be revealed. I waited until towards the end to know who David really was. Though I admit the hints and snippets thrown here and there only made me more eager to read what happens next. It was actually quite exciting. I loved the touch of mythology there but I think it was downplayed when it should have been the backbone of the story since that’s where everything began. I also liked that the romance angle wasn’t the main focus of the story. I almost found it unbelievable that David and Andra got attracted to each other instantly. (I frown upon insta-love most of the time.) But considering the connection of the deities who live within them, I guess it’s possible. 

Another thing that confuses me is Dionysus. Up until the end, I haven’t figured out his connection to everything. What does this particular god have anything to do with something that two other gods are having a dispute over? What’s in it for him? 

The K-Pro has its ups and downs but overall, it was good and enjoyable. The twists were unexpected and a lot of things managed to catch me off-guard. Looking past the minor issues I mentioned above, I think it was brilliant. 
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  1. Base on the review the book seems very interesting. I will try this book book! thanks!


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