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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{REVIEW} If I Should Die by Amy Plum

If I Should Die

Author: Amy Plum
Series: Book 3, Revenants series
Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal
Published: May 7th 2013 by HarperTeen

I will not lose another person I love. I will not let history repeat itself.

Vincent waited lifetimes to find me, but in an instant our future together was shattered. He was betrayed by someone we both called a friend, and I lost him. Now our enemy is determined to rule over France’s immortals, and willing to wage a war to get what they want.

It shouldn’t be possible, none of it should be, but this is my reality. I know Vincent is somewhere out there, I know he’s not completely gone, and I will do anything to save him.

After what we’ve already fought to achieve, a life without Vincent is unimaginable. He once swore to avoid dying—to go against his nature and forsake sacrificing himself for others—so that we could be together. How can I not risk everything to bring my love back to me?

“Whatever happens, remember that I will love you forever. Even if my spirit is dispersed and my consciousness released to the universe . . . whatever is left of me will never stop loving you.”
I am absolutely in love with this book. It’s perfect in so many ways and definitely the best in the trilogy. Reading If I Should Die is actually a bittersweet experience for me because this is the finale of a series I so dearly love and I’m still not ready to say goodbye to the characters.

I loved everything about it - the characters, the twists, the story itself, the setting, the action, the romance, the magic. I’ve always admired Kate for being a strong heroine. Not physically though, but in mind and spirit. She is her own person and doesn’t rely much on other people. She knows when to be strong and when to give in to her emotions. In this book, she proved herself worthy of the fate bestowed upon her. Vincent is amazing as always. Georgia is unbelievable. She’s funny and smart and loves Kate so much to accept and support her sister’s choices. And her flirtation with Arthur is cute. It’ll be interesting to know how their ‘relationship’ would progress. Bran, the guĂ©risseur, is a very crucial character. The guĂ©risseur magic is really amazing and I often found myself surprised at what it can do.

The identity of the Champion did not surprise me, though. Ever since the second book, I’ve always had this theory on who the Champion is, so when it’s finally revealed I was actually expecting it. But the predictability ends there. Amy Plum kept me on the edge of my seat every single time. I was always curious and eager to know what happens next. I couldn’t even guess how everything will end, how Kate and Vincent will be together, how the Champion will lead the bardia to victory. The suspense factor is high, but in an omg-what-the-hell-is-going-to-happen-next way, not in a horror-movie way.

And gods, I’ve never truly realized how amazingly talented Ms. Plum is until I read If I Should Die. She wrote the entire series beautifully that emotions flowed out of every page. I could feel Jules’ pain; I really felt sorry for him it was heartbreaking. I could feel Kate’s grief and despair when Vincent died. I could feel their hope and joy. It’s like I’m also one of the characters and our emotions are one. I cried, I whooped in joy, I swooned, I celebrated their triumph, I fell in love. Only a handful of authors have managed to do that to me so far and the fact that Amy Plum could connect like that to her readers is a proof of her writing genius.

Of course there are also heartbreaking moments. I’m not going to give spoilers but Jules, Genevieve, Jean-Baptiste. ASLKDHFJSKJ!!! Yeah, find it out for yourself, dear reader. Go ahead and read If I Should Die to know why those three revenants made me cry.

Congratulations, Ms. Plum for a very well-written series. You deserve to be applauded and given a monument for the wonder that is the Revenants series. It’s such an amazing experience to know the Paris revenants and come to love them. Thank you for bringing Kate, Vincent, Jules, Ambrose, Charlotte, JB, Gaspard, Georgia, Arthur and all the characters to life with your words. They will always occupy an Eiffel Tower-shaped space in my heart. Au revoir, revenants.

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