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Friday, February 22, 2013

{REVIEW} Overtime: A Novella by Shana Norris

Overtime: A Novella
by Shana Norris

Genre: Yong Adult, mythology, retellings
Published: May 20,2012

Five months ago, the epic rivalry between the Trojans and Spartans ended in flames. Now the two schools exist in an uneasy ceasefire as a community event threatens to push them over the edge.

Cassie Prince just wants to focus on her new relationship. But is happiness possible in a place where loyalties run deep?

The Trojans and Spartans return in this ebook sequel novella to the YA novel Troy High.


First line:  "You are so dead," Greg Mennon growled as he twitched in his seat.


The story picks up five months after the ending of the first book, Troy High. Troy and Lacede are somewhat on a ceasefire, Greg and Cassie are finally together and Hunter's arm is still in a sling.  His shoulder injury from the homecoming game against Lacede has made Hunter feel useless, like he's nobody without football. Meanwhile, Cassie takes on her first leadership stunt by organizing a beach clean-up and her relationship with Greg is being threatened by Greg's ex-girlfriend. To top it all, Perry and Elena aren't doing so well together. 

Now what do I think about Overtime? For one, I like it better than the first book. It's a novella so it's shorter and the pace isn't boring. The characters have improved as well. I like that Cassie stepped up to leadership. She found her voice and confidence to do something for her community. Well, her intentions aren't really for her community alone but also to help Hunter gain his former self and to somehow redeem Troy High's reputation. Although she was hesitant to be a leader, I think she did a very good job.

Another one is Elena Argos. I admire her desire to just be herself. She made the right decision at the end and I like her for that. Independent women ftw!

Unfortunately, Greg is still the same Greg. Clueless and frustrating. I mean, doesn't he realize what Nessa is doing? And he's so blind to see that it affects Cassie! What the heck? If Perry is my least favorite character, Greg is a close second.

Well, I'm glad Shana Norris wrote this ebook sequel novella to Troy High. It's a good follow-up to the story and it delved deeper to some of the characters' personalities. It gave them a good opportunity to redeem themselves since they're not totally likable in the first story. Not really my thing but it's enjoyable enough.



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